It seems today that everyone is trying to find his or her roots. Sites that promise that you’ll find your ancestry and such movements as Pan Africanism have heightened. When such fads and trends increase, it’s important to truly dig deep and find the Truth.

Roots, in nature, are the network in which a plant obtains its water and nutrients. Our understanding of roots is usually that they only benefit the plant, yet roots also benefit the soil and keep it in place as to not get washed away. We believe this is the same when we serve God. We obtain the promises and blessings of the Bible and In turn further build His Kingdom.

We invite you to dig deeper in your walk and faith and find where your true roots are. We expect that as we dig deeper in His Word, that our lives will be radically change, we invite you to explore the question “Where Are You Rooted?"

Elevate Remix

Elevate Remix exists to transform lives through empowering, transforming and impacting young adults to pursue a deeper relationship with God and revelation from God - and through that, impact the lives of those around them. We believe that the atmosphere in which you spend the most time is what you will become. With that, we desire to set an atmosphere that enables God to fully revamp our lives in an abundant way.

Elevate Remix was created in 2009 out of an appeal to create a liberating and inspiring experience for young adults. Statistics currently show that more than 70% of young adults leave their faith after high school. It was important to Elevate International to encourage a gathering for young adults to pursue their purpose as well as a deeper relationship with God. The heart of Remix retreats is to reveal that God wants a deeper relationship with His children. This has been the foundation of the retreat, allowing young adults to have a connection to God and help build other relationships around them. Through Elevate Remix, lives are continually transformed with amazing worship experiences, dynamic teaching and incredible guests.

Elevate International

EI is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to transform and equip the urban community through life-changing programs, targeted outreach, and Christ-focused mentorship that build servant leaders—one youth, one family, one generation at a time.