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Elevate Remix was created in 2009 out of an appeal to create a liberating and inspiring experience for young adults. It was important to Elevate International to encourage a gathering for young adults to pursue their purpose as well as a deeper relationship with God. The heart of Remix retreats is to reveal that God wants a deeper relationship with His children. This has been the foundation of the retreat, allowing young adults to have a connection to God and help build other relationships around them. Through Elevate Remix, lives are continually transformed with amazing worship experiences, dynamic teaching and incredible guests.


"One of the most vulnerable moments in the accounts of the life of Jesus is seen in Mark 14:36. In this account, Jesus pleads with Father God to fulfill His plans of reconciliation and salvation in another way. He prayed this prayer three times through great distress with blood, sweat, and tears, showing that he battled just like we all do. Yet, in what is seen as His weakest moment, His focus and declaration of “I want your will, not mine”, highlights the importance of allowing God to fully lead our lives.  It also highlights that there is strength and purpose in being vulnerable, and that it takes courage to allow God to use our vulnerability to impact our personal lives, the lives of those in our communities, and ultimately the world.

With that understanding, let’s find the strength in being authentically ourselves, in a world that praises imitation. Let’s recognize that being vulnerable, allowing God and your community to be accountable forces in you life, takes being brave. Let’s take heart in knowing that He is with us, every step of the way. Let’s be courageous."

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